Liberal lunacy now interfering with MEDICINE: Children’s hospital removes gender designations from wristbands to appease delusional Leftists who don’t believe in biological reality

The transgender community is singing a chorus of praise to the god of LGBT after Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, announced that it will no longer be assigning gender wristbands to its child patients.

Young boys and girls will now be genderless in the eyes of hospital staff, who claim that the move fosters “equality” and the recognition of children’s “unique gender identity.”

“We are seeing more and more patients who have diverse gender identities,” stated Children’s Hospital Colorado spokesperson Dr. Natalie Nokoff to local media. “I think that’s true of programs all across the United States.”

Dr. Nokoff admits that she (can we use that pronoun?) has made an entire career out of catering to the delusions of the gender dysphoric, many of whom aren’t even old enough to know what sex is, let alone have the cognitive capacity to decide that they’re the opposite or some “other” gender.

Normal people who recognize that there are only two genders, male and female, are unsurprisingly outraged over the decision, especially since it threatens to undermine the quality of child patient care at Children’s Hospital.

“Male or female are very important distinctions when administering care,” wrote one Twitter user named Josh Jones to the hospital. “Omitting that information is as careless as omitting allergy information.”

Another Twitter user explained how the lack of proper gender wristbands could even put some child patients at risk of injury or death, as drug administration protocols vary depending on a patient’s age and sex.

“… a female body sometimes reacts differently to medicines as the male body due to hormones, less muscle mass, less blood,” tweeted another.

“These differences will be smaller in children, but male or female is a medical (sic) relevant issue. Leaving it out might endanger some children.”

Transgender activists are selfish, short-sighted narcissists who only care about themselves

These are valid arguments that point to legitimate medical considerations that impact 99.99 percent of the population. But the 00.01 percent of the population that’s been brainwashed into identifying as “transgender,” facts don’t matter.

In fact, the only thing that matters to these confused and mentally-ill individuals is being catered to at all costs, even if it means putting the lives and livelihoods of non-transgenders at risk.

This was made evident in a statement made to 9News by a natural-born girl who now “identifies” as a “boy,” and who expressed maniacal glee at the hospital’s decision.

“It’s huge,” the gender-bizarro person, who has since named itself “Ben,” told the local news outlet.

“Bigger than anything on this planet. Looking down and seeing that ‘f,’ I’m just like ‘no, that’s not right,'” “Ben” added.

In other words, it doesn’t matter to “Ben” that patient care at Children’s Hospital for all of the other young people who accept their natural biological gender is now being compromised. So long as “Ben” doesn’t have to look at a bracelet with an “f” on it, “Ben” is happier than a clam.

If this isn’t a perfect case-in-point as to the utterly deranged, narcissistic mindset of transgenders, then nothing is – screw everyone else if it means getting my childish, completely irrational demands catered to in the name of political correctness.

Many of these same transgenders also have a violent bent if they don’t get their way. Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro was actually assaulted by one a few years ago after he made an appearance on a television show to debunk the myth of “natural” transgenderism.

“You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance,” the transgender, named “Zoey Tur,” declared in a statement of threat to Shapiro.

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