Science journals publish insanely stupid, hoaxed “gender studies” science papers submitted to determine how insane “libtard science” has become

To liberals, all forms of identity politics that resonate with the leftist narrative are to be automatically regarded as gospel truth. If Christine Blasey Ford, for instance, says she was “groped” by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh nearly four decades ago, then she should be believed no matter what, even despite a total lack of corroborating evidence. And the same apparently goes for academic studies, which can now be completely faked so long as they support the liberal agenda.

A trifecta of researchers discovered this recently after submitting 20 different “studies,” all of which were completely made up, to a slew of academic journals that claim to have high publishing standards. Despite being 100 percent false, according to reports, many of these studies have already been either been published or accepted for publishing.

Helen Pluckrose, an author and researcher, along with James Lindsey and Peter Boghossian, both of whom have respectable careers in high education, decided to test the theory that academic journals these days will publish pretty much anything, so long as it fits some leftist narrative or agenda. They did this by submitting papers to journals covering such fields as “cultural studies,” “identity studies,” “gender studies,” and “critical theory.”

As of this writing, seven of the 20 papers this trio submitted have been accepted, four have already been published online, seven more are currently under review, and only six have been rejected.

Fake “science” about LGBT, feminism, patriarchy, social justice, and Nazis all open game for academic journals

So what did these studies “conclude?” One of them decided that the best way to get more men to accept the LGBT agenda and “feminist values” is to have them insert sex toys into their anuses – the journal to which this fake study was submitted apparently being so impressed that it quickly published it online.

Another of the studies declared that men who visit “breastaurants” like Hooters that have scantily-clad waitresses are exhibiting that they’re “nostalgic for patriarchal dominance.” By being able “to order attractive women around,” this fake study claimed, men eating at breastaurants are also able to oppress women.

In another fake study, written from the perspective of a “bitter, divorced feminist,” the argument is made that any critique of “social justice” is unethical. This fake paper had its text lifted from a “teenage angst poetry generator,” and even included rewritten portions of Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” albeit with modern “fashionable buzzwords” as opposed to the original language. This fake paper, like the others, was also accepted and published online.

Listen up, colleges and universities: If you keep doing this, nobody is going to take you seriously

Perhaps the most shocking and shameful aspect of this experiment in leftist proclivities is that all of this fake, liberal nonsense posing as “academic science” is being taken seriously by what was once perceived to be an intellectual field. Academic journals are supposed to have rigorous standards for truth, in other words, which apparently is no longer the case.

Commenting on what they discovered as part of their project, the three academics who created the fake papers and submitted them issued a warning to the academic community to take notice. If something isn’t done to substantially improve the integrity of how alleged academic studies are evaluated and included in the repertoire of academic science, then the entire field risks losing all credibility.

“All major universities (need) to begin a thorough review of these areas of study (gender studies, critical race theory, postcolonial theory, and other ‘theory’-based fields in the humanities and reaching into the social sciences, especially including sociology and anthropology), in order to separate knowledge-producing disciplines and scholars from those generating constructivist sophistry,” they wrote.

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