LGBT “pride” festival bans pro-LGBT men’s group, because Leftists now claim all men’s groups are “hate groups”

Showing care and concern for the health and wellbeing of men is apparently antithetical to the dark agenda of the LGBT cult, which recently excluded a pro-LGBT men’s rights group from attending Denver, Colorado’s 43rd annual “PrideFest” on the grounds that it somehow constitutes a “hate group.”

After previously receiving a direct invitation to attend PrideFest back on February 27, Rocky Mountain MRA’s Aaron Mello, a Denver-based nutritionist, was shocked to be uninvited several months later on April 11 – especially since his group has attended PrideFest in the past, with warm reception from other PrideFest attendees.

At last year’s PrideFest, for instance, Mello and his fellow men’s rights activists passed out literature and talked to a number of passersby about prominent men’s issues, including high rates of male suicide in modern Western culture. Many people were positively impacted by the message, including some unexpected members of the LGBT community.

“We even talked to several trans people who shared their experiences having lived as both genders,” Mello told PJ Media during a recent interview. “A few people were so grateful to have someone to talk to about men’s issues that they started crying in our booth.”

Hypocrisy: PrideFest organizers discriminate against Rocky Mountain MRA for allegedly being discriminatory

Helping people like this is what events like PrideFest claim to be about, which makes it all the more confusing that Rocky Mountain MRA was later told that it would not be permitted to attend this year’s event. When questioned as to why, Carol Hiller, PrideFest’s Operations Manager and the person who invited, and then uninvited, Rocky Mountain MRA, offered a conflicting response.

Concerned about Rocky Mountain MRA’s commitment to “non-discrimination,” Hiller basically told Mello via email that PrideFest had no choice but to discriminate against his group and bar it from attendance. She also brought up claims made by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that Rocky Mountain MRA is a “hate group.”

Mello explained that his group in no way embodies hate, and that the SPLC had simply and erroneously lumped it in with some of the more extreme men’s rights groups out there that take a more extreme approach. But this wasn’t enough for Hiller, who had her fellow PrideFest organizer, Rex Fuller, correspond with Mello about his group’s rejection from this year’s event.

“While Rocky Mountain MRA may claim to support our non-discrimination work, association with this [the broader men’s movement] suggests otherwise,” Fuller wrote in an email, adding, “We have decided that in good conscience we cannot accept [your] application.”

LGBT cult HATES men and wants all of them to either be effeminate or turn into women

Addressing men’s issues in order to help modern men become better men just isn’t in the cards for the LGBT cult, which now sees anything and everything associated with men’s rights as representing “discrimination” and “hate.” This was made abundantly clear in PrideFest’s correspondences with Mello, which are saturated in anti-male sentiment.

The fact of the matter is that the LGBT cult hates men, and wants nothing more than for all males to either act like women (or effeminate versions of them), or turn into them in the form of transgenders. Think that sounds extreme? Check out some of the video footage of events like PrideFest and discern for yourself what’s being displayed, and more importantly the message that’s being sent.

Only women are to be treated with dignity and respect within the LGBT paradigm, while men are expected to simply embrace the feminist narrative and disengage their own masculinity. Groups like Rocky Mountain MRA seem to interfere with this programming, hence their exclusion from events like PrideFest that hypocritically claim to embrace “tolerance,” “love,” and “acceptance” of everyone – but that in practice embody the exact opposite.

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