Student editors now being FIRED for daring to state that women don’t have penises… gender lunacy of the intolerant Left reaches whole new level of fascism

A student journalist at Durham University in the United Kingdom was recently kicked to the curb by his school’s student newspaper, ironically named The Bubble, after he retweeted an article on his Twitter account stating that “women don’t have penises.”

Angelos Sofocleous, 24, was told that his accurate identification of human biology on social media represented a “factually incorrect” form of assault against “trans” people who were reportedly “triggered” by the statement. Durham‘s Philosophy Society sent Sofocleous an email that accused his sharing of biological fact as an attempt to “belittle trans experiences.”

According to Breitbart, Sofocleous was not only removed from his position as editor of The Bubble for acknowledging reality, but he was also forced to resign from his other position as president of Humanist Students, an on-campus society that supposedly champions “free speech.”

In a public statement, Christopher Ward, the former chair of LGBT Humanists, chastised Sofocleous for spreading what he claims is “horrific transphobic s***.”

“As former chair of LGBT Humanists U.K., the opposition I experienced from a number of longstanding Humanists members to trans people and trans issues was a stain on an otherwise great organization,” Ward is quoted as saying.

Sofocleous was also discriminated against by the school’s Philosophy Society, which recently removed him from his post for engaging in what the group claims are “practices of racism, sexism, or trans-exclusionary sentiments.”

“Durham University Philosophy Society has a duty to act within the best interests of all of its members, therefore is committed to equality and diversity and to our democratic principles as a group of Durham’s Student’s Union,” wrote the group’s president, Ryan Lo, on the Critique journal’s Facebook page.

Trans cult says contrarian opinions and facts are “thought crimes” worthy of harsh punishment

Being fired from three different positions at his school simply for pointing out biological reality on social media prompted Sofocleous to tweet a series of responses pointing out the insanity of the deranged leftists who see nothing wrong with silencing people who live in reality as opposed to LGBT fantasy.

“Since when is gender criticism a thoughtcrime?” asked Sofocleous on Twitter.

“Criticizing gender shouldn’t be taken personally by TRAs who claim that this ‘threatens their existence’ or ‘belittles their experiences.’ It has nothing to do with your existence – stop silencing people because you’re ‘offended.'”

In a separate piece, Sofocleous explained that the reaction against him by the LGBT mafia was “extreme,” though “far from exceptional.”

“On campus, the subject of gender is now off limits for those who fail to fall into line with the new orthodoxy: that being a man or a woman is fluid. Anyone who says otherwise is liable to find themselves hounded into silence.”

Not being offended: the only “virtue” prized by the left

Since freedom of speech has been completely thrown out the window by modern-day leftists, their new “virtuous” mantra is to promote an ideology of trying to not offending anyone, at all costs. This seems to be the core tenet of liberalism in 2018 – a far cry from what liberalism embraced even just 20 years ago.

“At Durham University, as well as at other universities, it would be easy to think that the importance of never causing offence is all that matters,” writes Sofocleous.

“This remains the case even when upholding this focus gets in the way of facts, or the right of people to hold differing views on contentious subjects, such as gender. This is why my innocuous tweet resulted in such a fierce reaction. I was told that the reason for my firing from the student journal was because I had ‘belittled trans experiences.'”

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