Liberal heads EXPLODE: Same Leftists who claim “all women must be believed” also insist there’s no such thing as a biological man or woman to begin with

According to the logic-deficient Left, any woman who makes an accusation against anyone else must be automatically believed without a shred of evidence to support her accusations. No due process necessary. When a man is accused by a woman, he should be immediately arrested and imprisoned without trial, we’re asked to believe.

Yet the very same people asserting this lawless lunacy also tell us there’s no such thing as a “man” or a “woman” because gender is fluid, remember? According to their own logic, a biological man can proclaim himself to be a woman, at which point everything she says must be automatically believed, according to liberal logic.

Thus, any man can simply pretend to be a woman long enough to level an accusation against someone else, then they can revert back to being a man after they are sufficiently believed. Since they were a woman at the time the accusation was made, that accusation must be automatically believed and accepted as true, say Leftists.

The defense against this lunacy, of course, is for the man being accused to simply declare himself to be a woman, and since all women must be automatically believed, his defense testimony “as a woman” must be accepted by all, without hesitation, according to liberal logic.

How to out-libtard the other person

Thus, the only way to achieve a level playing field of real justice in our convoluted system of preferences and ingrained victimhood is for everyone to declare themselves to be a member of a victim class in order to achieve equal treatment under the law. If everyone is a woman, the logic goes, then the determination of whom to believe might have to (finally) resort to logic and evidence rather than gender-biased assumptions. But then, of course, one person would invoke another victim card and claim they are a Latina woman, for example, in order to get more “victim” points. The opposing person might then claim to be a Latina woman refugee to up the ante, and then the first person says wait, they’re actually a Latina LESBIAN woman refugee with only one leg, and so on.

Before long the entire circus collapses into an orgy of self victimization LGBT babbledygook, which is then declared to be a state university.

Imagine the hilarity that would ensue if Brett Kavanaugh simply declared that he “self-identified as a woman” throughout his high school years. GAME OVER for the lunatic liberals, who would be beaten by their own lunacy. In fact, if Kavanaugh wanted to receive confirmation votes from all Democrats, he would merely have to declare, under oath, that, “Not only was I a virgin throughout high school, I denounced my penis when I was 15 and have secretly been living as a transgender woman ever since.”

Cue the applause from the Left.

What the Left really opposes, you see, is reason. But if you demonstrate sufficient lunacy to join their shared fantasy delusions and magical thinking parades, you are celebrated as a genius.

Please, MAKE IT STOP! We are also asked to believe that women are never wrong and can never lie

Incredibly, the claim that “we must always believe women” asserts that women are never wrong and can never lie. Thus, when a woman levels an accusation against someone, there’s really no need to resort to due process, rules of evidence or even a cross examination of the accuser. After all, women never lie, do they?

Such is the lunatic logic now being aggressively pushed by the lawless Left, which has become so detached from reality that its own members can no longer separate fact from fiction. “Kavanaugh is a rapist!” they declare, if only because the other lunatics in the room are shouting the same mindless mantra without a shred of evidence to back it up. But to them, reality is not an objective thing; it’s merely whatever popular delusion has infected their minds for the moment. And it is fleeting thing, subject to the next popular whim that feels right, even if it’s substantially wrong.

Behold the idiocy of it all: Men and women are no different, we’re told. To even suggest they are different is to get yourself fired from a university or banned by Twitter for “hate speech.” Men and women are exactly the same, we’re taught. Children are even born “genderless,” Leftists insist, and their gender is then “assigned” at birth by a doctor, apparently by a completely arbitrary decision.

Yet, even as this idea of women and men being exactly the same is pounded into our heads by the Left’s fascist thought police, we are simultaneously told that women are different than men in the sense that women never lie and women never make mistakes, while men are apparently incapable of telling the truth. Only women, we are told, can be automatically believed, while men are automatically guilty. Somehow, the Left utterly fails to see this as obvious gender discrimination or judging people by their genitals. Nope, to the lunatic Left, this is “equality.”

Got it? Women and men are exactly the same. Except women never lie, and men always lie, but all this can apparently change in an instant thanks to transgenderism, meaning that anyone can magically change from a man to a woman by waving an imaginary magic wand over their crotch. Shazam! They are spontaneously transmorphed into a perfect female being, now utterly incapable of deception or fault. Such is the new magic of the Left.

But how can we convince ourselves to always believe women when we are also told the very idea of a woman is nothing but a social construct that can be invoked at will, via magical transgender thinking? If Caitlyn Jenner accuses a man of rape, for example, is she to be automatically believed because she claims to be a woman? Or is she automatically guilty because “she” was born a biological man named Bruce Jenner?

In other words — and with apologies to Bruce Jenner for invoking his unique situation for this thought experiment — if Caitlyn Jenner, with a penis, raped a biological woman right now, would she be automatically innocent because she self-identifies as a woman who must always be believed?

In effect, the question that must be posed to lunatic liberals at this point is: Do biological men automatically become trustworthy, honest and incapable of lying if they declare themselves to be women? And does this answer apply whether or not they still have a penis?

In other words, when will the lunatic Left lay out the damn rules on all this so that we can have a consistent framework to apply to everyone? (Answer: NEVER. The whole point of the deranged Left is to confuse the crap out of everyone and never get caught in any consistent set of rules that might one day work against them. To Leftists, rules themselves are an emergent property of white privilege and must therefore be denounced.)

The stupid, it BURNS…

Such are the questions we must all now consider under the “fluid logic” (also known as idiocy) of the deranged Left, where nothing is real except their feelings. In a world where male perverts are granted access to women’s restrooms by declaring they “self-identify” as women, we are told that Brett Kavanaugh tried to feel up a young Christine Blasey Ford 36 years ago at a high school party that took place at some location and year the woman cannot recall. We are told that women must always be believed, no matter what, even if their memories are hazy or if their motivations are dishonest.

We’re told that the mere accusation against Kavanaugh is proof of his guilt because he is a man. Thus, we are told to abandon the entire basis of western civilization, including 2,000+ years of law, the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the rules of evidence and even the Biblical principle of being able to face your accuser before being convicted of a crime.

Why am I not surprised that the same deranged Left which has sought to obliterate biological reality, destroy Christian culture and decimate this constitutional republic is also bent on eviscerating the life of a man based entirely on the flimsy, sadistic claim that “all women must be believed?”

I have a better idea. How about we start with, “All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty” and we apply that equally to men and women so that we might all enjoy true equal justice under the law?

Oh wait, the Left doesn’t actually want equality if it means equal presumption of innocence. The Left wants chaos and the downfall of western civilization. And if we don’t stop them, they might very well get their wish.


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